When it comes to app-use duties

Allied to Pocket App as a design director, Jake Davis mentions five new trends that will shape the world of app design

As 2017 comes to a close, it is hard to ignore what is in store for app design come 2018. As apps continue to grace the workplace, every benefit or drawback encountered brings into the limelight some positive trends that are happening. The trends which have had a great impact on the app design industry will definitely become more noticeable in 2018.

I wish to share more insights about these trends and how they are impacting on the app design industry.

Thumbs will be substituted with vocal cords when it comes to app-use duties.

As we user in the year 2018, use of our thumbs to execute app-use duties will be minimal. The increased Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) is largely attributed to this. Big names in the industry such as Apples Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are already taking advantage of the opportunities presented by VUIs. Do not expect any less next year. The future of VUIs is certainly very promising.

30% of interactions by way of technology will be more of conversations than touching in 2018 based on a Gartner report.

But are VUIs a permanent replacement for Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)? VUIs cannot be entirely substituted with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). In certain scenarios, it will be impossible to execute voice commands. Some complex commands cannot be implemented using VUIs. But the two input methods are likely to be seen as na ormal procedure in the near future.

If you are not comfortable, personalize an app to suit you

Due to our unique characters, making an app that suits all has been a challenge for some time. While some people desire a screen that displays multiple data and options due to their analytical nature, others cope well with simple buttons to facilitate smooth navigation. User experience is a fundamental of app design hence the UI created must be simple for use.

Developments in AI and machine learning have supported effective apps customization through user’s personal data. The work of designers has therefore become much easier. Users are the ones who decide how to personalize app in a way that is simple and suits them.

Handling an upsurge in device population

Are smartphone apps the only apps existing today as some of us believe? Although this was acceptable some years back, it is a whole new world currently. The ever growing Internet of Things (IoT) devices has brought changes. Previously, a mobile device was entirely the key to internet and data access. Nowadays, people have access to any device that they see as convenient for internet and data access. App designers have to find ways to channel consistency in the rapidly growing device population by concentrating on Omnichannel UX.

Time saving apps

Time is a very precious resource and everyone person tries to use it wisely. And because we are living in a society where people exhibit a lot of impatience, an app design agency has to create apps that are fast and satisfy users. The apps should enable people to realize their needs within a short time. This goes hand in hand with the previously stated point regarding user customization.

Use of bold colours

Colours of different shades exist in our world but corporate apps normally confine to colors-white, black and blue- which are rather lifeless. Though such colors convey a professional look, they are unattractive. Colour as a design component is important hence should not be overlooked. It helps to evoke certain emotions in users and gives them a better experience when using an app. Colour also conveys meta information and supports users as they navigate various sections of an app. It also draws the attention of users to an app and encourages them to use it repeatedly.

The above five developments and trends are presently being witnessed in the app design industry. I believe that the possibility of these trends becoming more popular among successful apps in 2018 is extremely high. These industry trends serve roles such as boosting productivity, improving user experience and enhancing retention. They also offer a system of checks and balances for the app design world.

If you are thinking of starting an app design agency, use these points as your starting point. You will have a seamless process when developing an app.


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