How do I Choose Multi-Factor Authentication Provider

As online security leader Transmit Security explains (, multifactor authentication (MFA) is a critical component of a robust cyber security strategy. But, choosing the right provider or service can be difficult. We have created this guide to help you find the right company to meet your MFA needs.

We’ll cover how to evaluate the different MFA services and products on the market so that you can make the best choice for your organization.

User-Friendly authentication

Every person who wants to implement multifactor authentication in their organization to provide additional security must first consider whether it is easy to use or not. No user or person would go for something they will find trouble using. This is one of the most critical factors in helping you choose the right MFA.

As an MFA provider, if your end users find problems incorporating their accounts, there are high chances of you realizing reduced productivity and support tickets. Many of your users will seek help from the IT department. Consumers do not always like something that takes a lot of their time. That will therefore scare away most people from seeking your services.

The most effective way to avoid experiencing such problems as an MFA provider is to implement an MFA solution that offers a variety of options to the end users. That way, when one option fails to work or is slow, they can easily opt for the other available choices, thus helping in saving much of their time. Also, choose options most users are familiar with to give them easy operation.

Admin control and policies

One significance of multifactor authentication is its ability to grant administrators greater control over access to cooperate applications and data. Moreover, it plays an integral role in zero trust, ensuring continual user verification and access generation needs.

Sue to the above reasons, administrative control and policies are important when selecting an MFA solution. It is recommended to choose a solution that allows the configuration of policies at a wide range of levels, whether per application or at the global level.

Per application will allow you to exert excellent protection for specific highly sensitive applications or susceptible user blocks, e.g., C-level executives.

Global level policies ensure a baseline of securitized access across the entire organization.

Solutions with greater levels of documentation about policy configurations. Granular configuration can prove overwhelming hence the need for more excellent documentation. Modern simplified admin consoles can also prove very helpful in this regard.

Reporting and analytics

Another significance of MFA is it avails an enhanced understanding of your security layout. Thus enabling you to demonstrate the tools you have in place to guarantee security compliance for auditing purposes.

The reports you want to display should be relevant to your organization’s needs. Reports should be readily attainable to admins. However, services offering detailed overviews of the service’s number of users locked out are also significant.

Total ownership costs

Any organization considering MFA solutions has to consider the associated cost implications. However, while doing so, it is necessary to consider the total cost implications and not only the initial setup costs.

For example, several MFA providers claim free setup fees. However, the catch comes in the package functionality that is usually limited to services like report generation and analysis, custom application integration, administrative control range, etc.

Some providers might also lure organizations with lower initial costs. However, the organizations will be required to cough up extra money to purchase critical applications down the line. On the other hand, some may be cost-effective, but their lack of adequate documentation will prove cumbersome.

As such, selecting a solution with well-defined user prices is wise to avoid any hidden pitfalls. Moreover, several thriving, reputed organizations offer free trial periods, which organizations can take advantage of to see whether or not the MFA solution is what they are searching for.

SO How do I Choose Multi-Factor Authentication Provider?

MFA is an essential tool that can help improve security in your organization. Security problems continue to be on the rise as most of the activities and data are stored in online accounts. That puts your organization at risk without the MFA. However, below you settle on one MFA service provider, above mentioned are the factors to consider to help you decide on the right one.


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